Kolkata: After Seema Haider, Another Pakistani Woman Arrives In India To Marry Indian Fiance

After five and a half years of waiting, the Pakistani couple finally met, and their engagement took place in 2018. Sameer, an Indian residing in Kolkata, claimed that he first fell head over heels for Javeria, a Pakistani woman, after seeing a picture of her on his mom’s phone.


A Cross-Border Love Story: Pakistani Woman’s Journey to Marry in India

A Pakistani woman, age 21, traveled to India in order to marry her fiance, Sameer Khan, who lives in Kolkata, which is located in the state of West Bengal. At the border with Attari on Tuesday, Sameer and his father, Ahmed Kamal Khan Yousafzau, greeted the woman, who has been named Javeria Khanum. The Indian government has finally granted her a visa that will allow her to stay in the country for a period of forty-five days at a time.

A Love That Spanned Borders and Time: The Story of Sameer and Javeria

After Seema Haider, Another Pakistani Woman Ameena Marries Indian: See Wedding Pics

For the past five and a half years, the couple had been waiting to finally meet one another after they announced their engagement in 2018. It was when Sameer viewed a picture of Javeria on his mother’s phone that he fell in love with her, according to Sameer. Javeria is the daughter of Azmat Ismail Khan, a relative of his mother, who resides in Karachi. Javeria was born for him.

Javeria’s Heartfelt Gratitude: A Journey of Love, Visa, and Kindness

Javeria expressed her gratitude to the government for granting her a visa and expressed her elation at the prospect of finally arriving in India. Additionally, she had the opportunity to show her appreciation to Maqbool Ahmed, a social worker and journalist who assisted her in obtaining the visa. Additionally, he has assisted a great number of Pakistani brides in the past.

Love Takes Flight: From Amritsar to Kolkata, a Dream Wedding Awaits

Pakistani couple Javeria Khanum and Sameer Khan will depart from Amritsar’s Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport for their flight to Kolkata, which will culminate with their wedding on January 6th. The journey marks a significant moment in the lives of the Pakistani bride and her Indian groom. They have waited for this day with great anticipation, and their prayers have indeed been answered, making their dream of being married to each other a reality. Javeria, a Pakistani woman, expressed her gratitude to the Indian government for granting her a visa, allowing her to reunite with her fiance Sameer, a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, and fulfill their long-held dream.

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